I have not been able to reach 101 running movies yet. Please provide your suggestions for the list in the comments below.

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TitleYearIMDb RatingMovie or Documentary
1Dragon's Back Race20139.4Documentary
2Gun Runners20158.9Documentary
3Forrest Gump19948.8Movie with some running
5Hood to Coast20118.4Documentary
6Fire on the Track19958.1Documentary
7The Barkley Marathons20148.0Documentary
8Unbreakable: The Western States 10020128.0Documentary
9The Long Green Line20088.0Documentary
10From Fat to Finish Line20157.8Documentary
11Run Lola Run19987.8Movie with some running
12Spirit of the Marathon II20137.7Documentary
13Desert Runners20137.7Documentary
14The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner19627.7Running movie
15Free to Run20167.6Documentary
16Il Corridore20107.6Documentary
17Spirit of the Marathon20077.6Documentary
18Saint Ralph20047.6Running movie
19De Marathon20127.5Running movie
20Atarnajuat: The Fast Runner20017.5Movie with some running
21Gallipoli19817.5Movie based on a true story with some running
22The Jericho Mile19797.5Running movie
23Marathon Man19767.5Movie with some running
24McFarland20157.4Running movie based on true story
25Run Free: The True Story of Caballo Blanco20157.4Documentary
26100 Seconds to Beat the World: The David Rushida Story20147.4Documentary
27Running on the Sun20007.4Documentary
28My Run20097.3Documentary
29Unbroken20147.2Movie based on a true story with some running
30Cliffy20137.2Running movie
31Chariots of Fire19817.2Running movie based on true story
32Race20167.1Running movie based on true story
33Patriots Day20167.1Movie based on a true story with some running
34Running the Sahara20077.1Documentary
35Without Limits19987.1Running movie based on true story
36On the Edge19867.1Running movie
37The Terry Fox Story19837.1Running movie based on true story
38Running with Demons20117.0Documentary
39Run for Your Life20087.0Documentary
40Cool Running19936.9Movie with some running
41The Robber20106.8Movie based on a true story with some running
42Prefontaine19976.8Running movie based on true story
43Running Brave19836.8Running movie based on true story
44The Athlete20096.7Documentary
45Running America20096.6Documentary
46Run Fatboy Run20076.6Running movie
474 Minute Mile20146.4Running movie
49Personal Best19826.3Running movie
50Marathon19806.2Running movie
51Meatballs19796.2Movie with some running
52Running for Jim20136.0Documentary
53Challenge of a Lifetime19856.0Triathlon movie
54Wildcats19865.9Movie with some running
55Running19795.8Running movie
56Across the Tracks19905.7Running movie
57Stockhom Marathon19945.4Movie with some running
58The World's Highest Race2013Documentary
59There is No Finish Line2011Documentary
60Fast Women2010Documentary
61Sahara Marathon; Footrace Across the Sands2003Documentary
62Marathon of the Sands2000Documentary
63Jim Ryun: America's Greatest Miler1999Documentary